Construction safety, productivity & site management.

How it works

Manager creates SignOnSite Safety Zone

The boundaries of the site are drawn on the SignOnSite platform through a few clicks.

Attendees complete a one-time sign-up

On first visit, site attendees create or sign-in to SignOnSite via their mobile device. They then complete their induction (complete with their competencies, tickets and licenses), which are then approved by site managers and supervisors.

Your whole site is now connected

Communications such as daily briefings and evacuations can now be delivered directly to site attendees’ mobile devices, no matter if they’re a staff member, subcontractor or visitor.

Site Attendance processes, quick & easy

Site attendees are signed in and out, via the automatic or prompted methods. Briefings are delivered at sign-on, and can be acknowledged by the attendee right on their mobile device.

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