Mitch Harmer

When 15yo Mitch found himself knee-deep in a sceptic tank with a crowbar in hand he came to the decision to put the family trade and industry aside, moving to the big smoke in an effort to get educated. In hindsight, his Uncle had set him up for a powerful lesson not written in any textbook, there’s hard work and then there’s hard work.

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At SignOnSite Mitch is responsible for working hard to help the construction industry continually improve the safety of everyone who is working hard in it. Mitch believes that with the privilege of being the only app on every worker’s phone on a project comes with it the obligation to find and develop ways to leverage technology that lifts the standard across our industry.

Mitch is a recent convert to home-brewing and likes to spend his weekends camping with his partner Sophie and their German Shepherd, Brenin.

Alexandria Garlan
Head of Operations

Alex was on track for a career in Construction Management when Mitch approached her with a construction-problem that needed a tech-solution. From that initial idea, SignOnSite was born, and they haven’t looked back!

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As Head of Operations, Alex is focused on the internal workings of SignOnSite, making sure that the company is as efficient as the solutions it offers. She is passionate about having a workplace that is fun and engaging and loves spending her days helping the company and their team grow.

Alex has a Bachelor of Building and Construction Management from the University of Canberra, and she is finishing up her MBA and Master of Marketing at Melbourne Business School.

On weekends and evenings, Alex is usually studying but can be lured away from her computer with food from several local Melbourne eateries.

Engineering & Product

Matthew Whittaker
Head of Engineering

Matthew Whittaker is the Head of Engineering at SignOnSite. The team he leads does two things:

  • They work with our product team to learn what is most valuable to our customers.
  • They build software that delivers that value.
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He is most interested in growing SignOnSite’s engineering function. To support this growth, Matt has hired experts to own each of our coding platforms (e.g iPhone/Android/Web). The team have also implemented the SignOnSite flavour of agile software development. This allows them to build better software faster.

This covers the whole development lifecycle, from how they interface with the product team to do discovery with customers, to how they automatically test and deploy software, to how they learn from feedback about the things that they have built.

Values that Matt emphasises include customer collaboration with a focus on value delivery and communication over process.

Matt’s superpowers are the ability to laugh at any obstacle, and the ability to eat very, very spicy food.

Nick Wodzinski
Head of Product

Nick believes there is an amazing opportunity in the safety space, that is much more than process efficiency and digitizing forms. While those things can alleviate late nights in the site shed going 3 coffees deep on your site diary, they are just the start.

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The long term opportunity to codify data from the field, at the worker level, to build an understanding of risk on projects is why Nick loves working at SignOnSite.

Alongside our engineering team, customers and the wider community, Nick is here to further the mission of SignOnSite by building a safety management system that ensures everyone on site is connected, and that workers get home safe.

To Nick, SignOnSite achieving its mission looks like affecting a ‘double-digit shift’ in the industry. That is a better-than-single-digit percentage improvement in safety outcomes measured by the year on year change in injuries and deaths in high-risk industries.

With SignOnSite, Nick has been actively contributing to our team’s mission, including in helping get sales, marketing and customer support started in 2016, and then in the product role from 2019.

As we have grown from a team of 5 to a team of 17, and to a customer base of over 150, Nick has gotten his boots dirty, doing whatever it takes to close deals, support customers needs, release features, and spend that extra time to get to know construction and safety professionals to help further the SignOnSite mission alongside them, and having some fun while doing it.

Nick graduated from ANU in 2014, with bachelors degrees in Economics and in Marketing. He has previously worked with KPMG’s Innovation team, helping growing small to medium technology companies with business planning. Nick went back to ANU in 2017 as a sessional academic, to work at the Research School of Management as a guest lecturer and tutor for the Entrepreneurship and Innovation course.

Alexander Parra
Software Engineer

Brent Tunnicliff
Software Engineer

We’re hiring!
Software Engineer

Customer Success & Support

Carmen Baillie
Head of Customer Success

In her role as Head of Customer Success, Carmen’s responsibility is to ensure our customers are successful in improving safety on all their sites with SignOnSite.

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Working with people has been Carmen’s passion since her part-time job at the local video store helping customers pick the right movie for that perfect Friday-night-in. Video stores may be long gone, but her passion for meeting customer needs is stronger than ever.

With a BA in Mass Communication, she worked in fundraising, recruitment, and learning and development, before moving into business development in the oil and gas sector in Western Australia. After some time in the corporate world, she took a role at Red Cross in Uganda and completed a Masters in Development Economics culminating in position at the federal Treasury developing Foreign Investment and Small Business policy. Carmen met the founders of SignOnSite in late 2017 who coaxed her back to the private sector to take on the customer-facing role she loves today – which is a perfect fit for her skills, passion and ambition.

While SignOnSite takes up her time Monday – Friday, her real full-time (or should we say fur-time) role is making sure her German Shorthaired Pointer, Oscar, explore beaches to run on in his newly adopted state of Queensland. She has backup from her partner and son to ensure Oscar gets his mandatory beach runs each weekend.

James Patchell
Senior Customer Success Manager

Batul Dala
Customer Success Manager

Reneé Gerard
Customer Success Manager

Bec Rees
Support Lead

Sales & Marketing

James Long
Head of Sales

Nish Bandara
Head of Marketing

Nathan Brighenti
Sales Development Representative

Sebastian Hodge
Sales Development Representative

Jack Northall
Sales Development Representative