Construction Site Reporting Software

Leverage the technology that’s already on site to get real-time labour reporting on your sites.

Automatic manpower reporting

SignOnSite digitises and automates your manpower reporting with a mobile app and iPad kiosk attendance system:

  • Site workers, subbies and visitors sign-on/sign-off sites using a mobile app or on-site kiosk, updating to a secure cloud in real time.
  • Site managers and project managers get a live view of site attendance and powerful worker, subcontract and visitor reporting.

Deep data & rich information

Get reports in a real-time dashboard, printable PDF or Excel formats that give you deep insights on what is happening on you sites. Included in the reporting:

  • total manhours
  • company and subcontractor hours
  • individual worker hours
  • number of people and companies that came on site
  • peak hours and days

Procore Integrated

With the SignOnSite app on their phones, workers simply arrive and leave the work site and their attendance is logged based on their location on site.

The attendance data is captured in the Procore Site Diary in real time as workers come and go.

Use this as a dimension to supercharge your Procore reporting.

Remote Site Management

Management can proactively administer their sites with a real-time view of safety compliance. The Site Manager view gives you the power to:

  • See which site attendees’ inductions are compliant, pending review and non-compliant.
  • Ability to retrieve a person’s completed induction form (including licenses, competencies and tickets) in a few clicks.
  • See all attendees’ safety briefing status.

The full SignOnSite offering

How it works

The SignOnSite attendance system has 3 main components:

A virtual fence

You draw a virtual boundary (a geofence) around your site, using the SignOnSite web portal. This defines the boundaries that people have to be in to sign-on to your site.

Smartphones, or

Site attendees (whether they are workers, subcontractors or visitors) use the free SignOnSite mobile app to sign-on and sign-of.

On-site iPad kiosk

A tablet-based kiosk for site attendees without access to a smartphone.

When an attendee arrives on site, they are able to sign-on/off using one of multiple methods:

  • via the SignOnSite mobile application;
  • via the on-site kiosks;
  • face-to-face with a site supervisor who has the SignOnSite mobile application;
  • Automatically, in once they step in/out the geo-fenced area;

If it is the attendees’ first time on the site, they will be automatically prompted to complete their site induction, which they can do directly inside the SignOnSite app or kiosk. The site managers will have a real-time view of this person’s induction compliance.

Every attendee will be delivered a Daily Briefing on sign-on, and have the ability to send back an acknowledgement of the briefing. Site managers also get a real-time view of briefing compliance.

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