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SignOnSite enables physically distancing through contactless site safety/admin processes, quick communications and contact tracing for everyone on site.

1. Contactless site attendance

SignOnSite does site attendance without contact or shared surfaces. Replace pens, paper, kiosk and fingerprint systems with a mobile phones.

2. Physically-distanced site access points

Do away with turnstiles, gates and other site access systems without losing data and attendance information. SignOnSite captures highly accurate entry and exit information.

3. Communications & Declarations

SignOnSite sends communications directly to peoples' mobile phones on site entry. Remind your site attendees of your physical distancing and health & safety procedures directly on entry. Receive acknowledgements and declarations back, directly from your attendees.

4. Contactless inductions & ticket management

Perform inductions without handling papers and photocopiers. Tickets, licenses and competencies uploaded directly through workers' mobile phone cameras.

5. Monitoring & compliance

SignOnSite's real-time site visibility gives managers the power ensure health & safety compliance of everyone on site.

6. Contact tracing

In the event of a potential exposure on site, get the ability to quickly and efficiently contact those who were present.

More about SignOnSite

Made possible by technology that’s already on site: mobile devices and a secure cloud.

Site users can use their mobile devices to:

  • sign-on/sign-off sites;
  • perform their site inductions;
  • receive and acknowledge their daily briefings;

Site and project managers can remotely:

  • view site attendance;
  • manage safety compliance;
  • get comprehensive reporting;

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