Construction site inductions

Powered by technology that’s already on site: mobiles and iPad tablet kiosks.

Easy for workers, subcontractors and visitors.

Powerful for managers.

Easy induction processes for site workers & visitors

Powerful induction management & compliance for managers

SignOnSite provides:

Easy induction completion processes

The SignOnSite digital induction system (on mobile and iPad kiosks) lets site workers, subcontractor and visitors quickly and easily get through the induction process:

  • First time site attendees are automatically prompted to perform their induction right at sign-on.
  • Essential site safety information can be easily conveyed to site attendees, including key contacts, site maps and notices.
  • Capture key information such as white cards, competencies and tickets with custom forms and photo uploads.
  • Digital inductions are generally completed in 5 minutes.

SignOnSite provides:

Powerful induction management & compliance

Management can proactively administer their sites with a real-time view of induction compliance. The Site Manager view gives you the power to:

  • See which site attendees are compliant, pending review and non-compliant.
  • Update forms and re-induct staff when necessary.
  • Ability to retrieve a person’s completed induction form in a few clicks (useful in the event of an emergency).
  • View the particulars of a person’s white cards and other licenses/competencies.

The full SignOnSite offering

How it works

When a Site Manager creates an induction for a site on the SignOnSite web portal, it is pushed out to all site attendees at sign-on.

Every new site attendee is then prompted to complete this site induction when they sign on using their mobile phone or on-site iPad kiosk.

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