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Data, Reports & Field Productivity

The problem

One of the major drawcards of using Procore is having quick access to accurate data and information of what is happening on site, from RFIs and photos to Observations and Drawings.

Because key stakeholders on site (such as Site Managers, Foremen and Subcontractor Supervisors) are inputting data into Procore, other stakeholders can unlock the value of being on site without leaving the office.

SignOnSite adds to this by bringing in the data from another key stakeholder: the workers and subcontractors’ workers on site.

A key measure for project progress in actual labour effort expended. The traditional solution for this need has been:

  • eyeballing labour effort (which is quick, passive, but inaccurate);
  • going through paper attendance records (which is slow, passive, but accurate);

The solution

SignOnSite connects to every worker, subcontractor and visitor on site via their mobiles and on-site kiosks, giving you a real-time view of site attendance and labour effort. Procore customers link their Procore and SignOnSite accounts, which automatically populates the man hour reporting the Procore Site Diary.

This unlocks a new reporting dimension, enabling contractors to manage projected, allocated and actual man hours. Enabled with an automatic, paperless, self-updating daily view of project progress, contractors are able to make quick, informed decisions on labour allocation.

SignOnSite works by capturing site attendance in real time, on an individual basis, for workers, subcontractors and visitors. This is done through mobile app and on-site iPad kiosks. When an attendee enters a geo-fenced site, they are signed on via the platform. Then on exit, they are signed off. This gives contractors a real time and historic view of who is on site.

Quality & Safety

The problem

On their transformation to digitally-enabled operation, Procore users have noted that their paper safety processes aren’t keeping up with their internal pace of innovation. Essential safety processes such as Inductions are taking up valuable time (over an hour), the records are still on paper, and compliance is still a challenge.

The solution

SignOnSite digitally augments current safety processes, making them quicker and easier:

  • Easy site sign-on/sign-off (with a real-time and historic view for supervisors/managers);
  • Workers do their induction on the SignOnSite app on their mobile phones or on-site kiosks (which supervisors/managers can view on manage in the portal) – we’ve cut induction times from an hour to under 5 minutes;
  • They get their briefings as soon as they sign-on, which they can acknowledge for compliance;
  • Attendees are alerted to emergency evacuations, and the attendance feature can be used at the mustering point (cutting evacuation times from over an hour to less than 5 minutes);

Not only do these features make operations more efficient, but they also serve as a valuable tool to increase engagement with safety on site.

The full SignOnSite offering

How it works

The SignOnSite attendance system has 3 main components:

A virtual fence

You draw a virtual boundary (a geofence) around your site, using the SignOnSite web portal. This defines the boundaries that people have to be in to sign-on to your site.

Smartphones, or

Site attendees (whether they are workers, subcontractors or visitors) use the free SignOnSite mobile app to sign-on and sign-of.

On-site iPad kiosk

A tablet-based kiosk for site attendees without access to a smartphone.

When an attendee arrives on site, they are able to sign-on/off using one of multiple methods:

  • via the SignOnSite mobile application;
  • via the on-site kiosks;
  • face-to-face with a site supervisor who has the SignOnSite mobile application;
  • Automatically, in once they step in/out the geo-fenced area;

If it is the attendees’ first time on the site, they will be automatically prompted to complete their site induction, which they can do directly inside the SignOnSite app or kiosk. The site managers will have a real-time view of this person’s induction compliance.

Every attendee will be delivered a Daily Briefing on sign-on, and have the ability to send back an acknowledgement of the briefing. Site managers also get a real-time view of briefing compliance.

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