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Posted 2 weeks ago

SignOnSite needs a full time Android Software Engineer to own Android code base for growing team

SignOnSite is a Canberra based construction software company with one goal: make construction sites as safe and efficient as they can be.

Our story began in the search for a quicker method to evacuate large, complex construction sites. While solving that problem, we discovered additional site activities and processes that could be performed more efficiently and effectively when augmented by real-time mobile technology.
To achieve our goal of enabling the industry with safe highly efficient sites we are committed to keeping a pulse on what happens on our customers’ sites. By working closely with our customers we are able to create a continually evolving product that moves them forward.

Our core offering is a construction site attendance register. Workers run our app on their phones and are automatically signed on to and off their sites. This gives site managers real-time visibility over who is on site. This helps manage site emergencies and day to day activities in ways previously impossible. This is made possible by a novel combination of location technologies, which allow us to do background GPS while using only a few percent of a device’s battery per day.

We have over 100 customers and 20,000 workers from 4 countries use our software daily. We have aggressive plans to expand these numbers. To do this we need more engineers.

The position

You will be working with our startup’s small product and engineering team (currently 3 people) to improve our software, based on feedback from our customers.

We are looking for an intermediate to senior software engineer with minimum 1 year professional experience in Android development, and a minimum of 3 years professional software development working in a team. Your role will be to own our Android code base.

This means taking responsibility for things like code quality and testing, while delivering the Android portion of any upcoming features. You will need to be able to pass knowledge and best practices on to new Android hires.

You will be able to work independently and in a team, be experienced in your field, and be able to learn new technologies as other requirements arise.

There is potential for helping in other areas, especially iOS development.

As a small company you will be given more opportunity in the future to own things that interest you, without being hindered by red tape. This will depend on how you want to grow your role, and whether or not you want to specialise your role.

Important skills and attributes

  • Java+Android: are you a strong Android developer
  • Version control: are you familiar with version control software, especially git?
  • General computing: are you comfortable setting up and interacting with your coding environment? This includes running a local server and requires being comfortable with a Bash CLI.
  • Coding: can you write good code that won’t hurt us in the future? Can you decide on good principles and communicate them to new Android hires?
  • Problem solving: can you solve problems well, taking into account many different factors without relying on others to provide the solution?
  • Basic full-stack principles: do you understand how an Android app might communicate with our servers, and how this information might be stored and queried in an SQL database? This is an Android role, but a basic system level understanding will be beneficial!
  • Learning: are you good at learning new things, especially technical/software related?
  • Honesty/integrity: can we trust you to do the right thing, without cutting corners?
  • Independent worker: can you be largely self driven, and do you know when to reach out for help?
  • Communication: can you communicate technical things, and work together to plan projects?

Technologies that we use

We don’t expect you to be competent with all of these things. This is just here to provide some context around how we work:

  • Java+Android
  • Small amounts of Kotlin
  • git (BitBucket)
  • Jira
  • bash scripting/CLI
  • Swift+iOS
  • PHP+LaravelJavaScript+React Native+Vue.js
  • MySQL
  • Amazon web services including: RDS, EC2, ElasticBeanstalk, S3, Route53 (DNS)

Application process

  1. Fill out the web application form below.
  2. We’ll email and ask you for:
    1. any academic transcripts you have
    2. examples of code or something that you’ve built that you have to share. We’re mostly interested in looking at production code but understand if you can’t procure that.
  3. We’ll contact you to book a time for a 90 minute video chat interview.
  4. We’ll then send you a technical test that we expect to take around 4 hours and you’ll have a week to complete.
  5. We’ll then invite you into our office in the Canberra city center to meet some of our team.
  6. We’ll then offer you a position.

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