Feature update: The Visitor Register

We think you’re going to like this one

We here at SignOnSite HQ have been working hard to bring to you the latest update to the SignOnSite platform. We’re happy to announce that the Visitor Register is now available in the SignOnSite app. And it’s on iOS and Android.

Site visitor attendance in action

Remember having to consult induction forms, visitor sign in sheets and log books, just to get a rough idea of who was on site for the day? While we helped out a bit by giving you that information with the Visitor Register, our work was far from over.

Now, you have more insight on your construction site than ever before. The latest feature provides site management with a real-time list of those currently on site, all through the app. Better yet, you can now check it from the field.

It’s got a split-view, so you can go through individuals or filter by a company. You can even search an individual by name, mobile number or company. There’s a search bar.

Know who’s who

Need to know who an individual is? Need to contact a worker or visitor at any given time? Now you can.

The Visitor Register lets you look up those signed on. View their visits for the day, as well as their name and who they work for. You can even call them.

A Kiosk in your pocket

Now, it happens all the time. People forget to sign the visitor sign in sheet or log book. They work on the other side of the site office which makes it a task that’s often left behind.

If you’re a SignOnSite manager, you’ll be able to sign workers and visitors, with an existing SignOnSite account, on and off from your phone. And it’s all from the app.

We don’t have to tell you the importance of having everyone on a construction site signed on and accounted for. Given the industry, and the dangers that can come with the territory, it’s important that site safety is strict and compliant.

All you have to do is press the Plus Icon in the top right corner of the Visitor Register and type in either a name, mobile number or company.

You can download the update for iOS and Android today.