Updates to our Privacy Policy

We’ve recently updated our Privacy Policy to ensure that all users can easily understand how SignOnSite works, what information it collects, and how that information is used.

You can view the updated Privacy Policy by clicking here.

Why the Privacy Policy has changed

This update is mainly a change in the wording of the policy, not a change in the data captured or disclosed. This approach has reduced our policy to 4 pages, down from 9 pages.

The previous Privacy Policy caused some confusion about who may be subject to the specific clauses in the Policy. We’ve now made that language clearer, especially to explain to users who are workers what information we do and do not collect about them. 

The changes in the Privacy Policy

The most significant change is clearly stating which clauses in the Policy apply to an individual, depending on what type of user they are.

There are two types of users:

  • Workers: these are the people who primarily use the SignOnSite product to perform their site safety duties, such as attendance, inductions and briefings. If you only use the SignOnSite mobile app or kiosk to perform these actions, then you will be this type of user.
  • Customers: these are the companies and their employees/representatives who implement and administer the use of SignOnSite for End users. 

A Customer could also be a Worker if they are required to go on site and perform their site safety duties. 

Changes that are relevant to Worker users

So if you are a worker and use the SignOnSite iOS app, Android app or use a kiosk to sign-in/sign-of, do your inductions, getting your daily briefings and being alerted to evacuations, then it is important to note that:

  • The SignOnSite apps are free to download and free to use.
  • SignOnSite will not collect any credit card or payment information.
  • The SignOnSite apps do not facilitate any type of financial transactions.
  • The SignOnSite apps do not request or require any permissions to be given to any form or payment information stored on your phone or digital payment services such as Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay.
  • SignOnSite will not track your specific location within the site following your initial sign on (after it has determined you are on site).

SignOnSite does collect information that may include the collection of personal information, such as:

(a) your name, address, contact details and date of birth;
(b) any photos that you upload;
(c) your device ID, device type and information, geo-location information, Internet Protocol (IP) address and standard web log information; 
(d) site locations you attend and the times you are there; 
(e) details of licences relating to construction, such as Permits to Work;
(f) employment details and qualifications;
(g) Certificate of Currency details; and
(h) information contained in any communications between you and us.

When a Worker searches for a  site in the app, signs on to it,  and/or completes an induction form, that behaviour constitutes consent to the sharing of information from the Worker user to the Customer user who manages that particular site. The Worker information collected by SignOnSite is then used by the SignOnSite system to perform its functions for the Customer, as outlined in section 4 of the Policy.

Changes that are relevant to Customer users

The new Privacy Policy clarifies that Customer users may have additional information collected. The type of information collected will vary with the role of the user and their relationship with SignOnSite. For example, if you are a Customer user who is procuring SignOnSite for their organisation, we may collect billing information (which may include credit card information). 

Changes that are relevant to all users

We’ve made the process of opting out of direct marketing a clearer process.

From time to time, and in support of our future development and growth, SignOnSite may contact you. For example, we may send you emails to in platform messages to promote, market and seek feedback on new features in our product.

You can opt-out from being contacted for Direct Marketing by filing in the form here (https://signonsite.com.au/marketing-opt-out/), contacting marketing@signonsite.com.au or by using the unsubscribe facility included in each direct marketing communication we send. 


SignOnSite welcomes your comments or questions regarding this Privacy Notice. If you have any questions, issues or complaints regarding this Privacy Notice please contact us by emailing privacy@signonsite.com.au.