The SignOnSite employee safety culture tool

Quantifying the culture of safety on your sites is a complex task.

In keeping with our mission of providing the construction industry with tools to keep people safe, we’ve created a free tool to do just that: capture insights into the safety culture at your organisation.

The free Employee safety culture tool lets you:

1. Easily get sentiment from your workforce

Staff can easily and quickly respond to the pre-made survey on their phone or any internet-connected device, including iPad kiosks.

You can view an example version of the survey by clicking here.

2. View and analyse the results

You get a private dashboard where you can view your workforces’ safety culture in real time.

You can view a sample dashboard by clicking here.

We encourage you to conduct this survey as soon as possible to set an internal benchmark. As you implement your Culture initiatives, you will be able to visualise your results.

The underlying survey questions and scoring methodology was created by New South Wales Government WorkCover (now WorkSafe NSW).

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