How Procore Customers are using SignOnSite to deliver projects on time and on budget

Procore is a proven tool for contractors to deliver projects more effectively and efficiently with its project management, quality & safety, financial and field productivity features.

A growing set of users are getting even more out of Procore by using it in tandem with SignOnSite. This integration enhances Procore reporting by automatically populating man hour reporting in the Site Diary, without manual data entry or paper uploads.

With this self-updating view of daily labour effort expended on site, contractors are able to manage projected and budgeted progress against actuals, and reallocate as required. Enabled with a daily view of project progress, contractors are able to make quick, informed decisions on labour allocation.

SignOnSite works by capturing site attendance in real time, on an individual basis, for workers, subcontractors and visitors. This is done through mobile app and on-site iPad kiosks. When an attendee enters a geo-fenced site, they are signed on via the platform. Then on exit, they are signed off. This gives contractors a real time and historic view of who is on site.

In addition to site attendance and real time site visibility, SignOnSite provides essential safety tools to contractors and site attendees. For workers and other site attendees, this means being able to do your site induction, get your daily briefing and be alerted to emergency evacuations through your mobile or kiosk. For contractors, this means keeping your sites safe and compliant through accurate and up-to-date safety information, communications and quick site evacuations.

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