Getting compliant with New Zealand COVID-19 Construction Protocols

With Level 4 restrictions to be eased on 28th April 2020, there will be the opportunity for New Zealand’s construction projects to resume work. The New Zealand government has issued a set of protocols to aid in the control of the virus, while enabling the industry to get back to work.

Having access to the right tools is one of the key components in contractors being able to quickly adapt to these protocols. The protocols around gathering information of people’s movements in and out of sites, and communication with the workforce are more challenging to implement than others due to the scale (the entire workforce) and frequency (every day) at which they occur.

Implementation of these protocols can be made easier with technology-driven solutions. Systems like SignOnSite are able to reach the entire workforce and have them become active participants in your health and safety processes.

Capturing accurate and detailed attendance records


1.6. Persons entering and exiting a workplace are to be registered to assist tracking of contact in case of COVID-19 infection.

4.1. All persons must be checked out of site or the place of work as they leave and records kept by the site controller and employer.

SignOnSite uses mobile phones and a secure cloud platform to capture attendance for anyone entering and exiting a construction site. Instead of using a paper register, turnstiles or kiosks (all of which have a transmission risk), site workers, subcontractors and visitors sign-on and sign-off without sharing contact surfaces.

The free mobile app uses geofencing to make sign-in/sign-out out a quick and safe process. Kiosks and manual sign-in options are available as a backup.

On first use, the users register themselves with their necessary personal particulars. This registration is then used whenever that persons signs on and signs off any SignOnSite-enabled site.

This attendance information is relayed to the secure Site Management platform in a real-time, giving managers the ability to view, control and manage their site personnel at scale.

SignOnSite instantly captures when someone enters and exits a site, down to the second. In addition to the real-time site view, historical records are also kept on the secure SignOnSite platform.

See how SignOnSite attendance works by clicking here, and how real-time site visibility works by click here.

Contact tracing


5.3. Any business, workplace, or site that has had a worker with a positive COVID-19 diagnoses must prevent any person entering the workplace or conducting work activities and must complete the following:

  • Gather records of all persons who have been on site or involved with the person who has tested positive within the past four weeks;
  • Gather information to identify those who have worked at the location or shared machinery, plant, materials or equipment with that person.
  • Be ready to present the information to the appropriate authorities;

The user registration process, combined with highly accurate attendance data, means that sites can easily produce a list of who was on site in any given time period, who they were there with, and how to contact them.

Inductions, communication & declarations


1.3. The plan and work protocols must be communicated effectively to workers and persons before entering site or work starting by the person controlling the work. Language and culture requirements are to be taken into account.

5.1. PCBUs must ensure that workers understand that any individual exhibiting flu-like symptoms such as fever, coughing, or congestion must: • Not come to work; • Contact their supervisor and/or human resources department; and • Stay at home and self-isolate as directed by MOH.

SignOnSite’s daily briefing feature allows managers and supervisors to:

  • relay rich information to everyone entering the site;
  • receive acknowledgement from every individual they’ve read, understood and agree to the briefing;
  • administer briefing compliance across the whole workforce;

Information such as the specific policies implemented on site, expectations of social distancing, declarations that they are symptom-free and agreements not to come work can all be issued directly to people’s phones.

The content can be displayed as text in multiple languages and also include images. The user will be notified of the Daily Briefing as soon as they sign-on, and will then be prompted to send back the acknowledgement, which will become visible in real time on the Site Management view.

Additionally, site inductions can also be completed via the SignOnSite mobile application, preventing the need to fill out paper forms and take photocopies of tickets, licenses and competencies.

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