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Getting compliant with New Zealand COVID-19 Construction Protocols

  Getting compliant with New Zealand COVID-19 Construction Protocols   With Level 4 restrictions to be eased on 28th April 2020, there will be the opportunity for New Zealand’s construction projects to resume work. The New Zealand government has issued a set of protocols to aid in the control of the virus, while enabling the industry to get back to work. Having access to the right tools is one of the key components in contractors being able to quickly adapt to these protocols. The

Updates to our Privacy Policy

We’ve recently updated our Privacy Policy to ensure that all users can easily understand how SignOnSite works, what information it collects, and how that information is used. You can view the updated Privacy Policy by clicking here. Why the Privacy Policy has changed This update is mainly a change in the wording of the policy, not a change in the data captured or disclosed. This approach has reduced our policy to 4 pages, down from 9 pages. The previous Privacy Policy caused some

Advancing safety in your workplace: improving construction safety through a positive safety culture

Advancing safety in your workplace: improving construction safety through a positive safety culture Introduction A business thrives on culture – it’s integral to the overall health of your business, it’s people and your customers. This also applies to safety. To be able to consistently improve safety in the construction industry, there needs to be a cultural change in the approach to safety (Fisher, 2006). This culture change makes a significant impact to the people at the greatest risk of injury: on-site workers. They’ve not received a consistent and

SignOnSite Release 2.1

What is Release 2.1? We’re always working on ways we can me SignOnSite better. Release 2.1 is a set of small upgrades that make SignOnSite quicker to use. The Improvements Attendance data downloads Downloads for larger sites now happen much faster. They are delivered within 5 to 30 minutes. The download option now sends as email, consistent with the CSV option in site settings, instead of triggering a file download. Faster evacuations We’ve sped up the triggering of evacuation alerts. They are now nearly instant.

The SignOnSite employee safety culture tool

The SignOnSite employee safety culture tool Quantifying the culture of safety on your sites is a complex task. In keeping with our mission of providing the construction industry with tools to keep people safe, we’ve created a free tool to do just that: capture insights into the safety culture at your organisation. The free Employee safety culture tool lets you: 1. Easily get sentiment from your workforce Staff can easily and quickly respond to the pre-made survey on their phone or any internet-connected device, including

Managing safety compliance on your sites

Managing safety compliance on your sites Over the years our amazing clients have shared loads of safety wisdom with us – from awesome innovations to the “oh crap” moments. Today, we look at one of the challenges they’ve faced and the lessons we learnt from them. An auditor came to site and to answer three questions: Who’s on site today?Are they all inducted?Do they understand the risks and hazards of this worksite? The site manager gathered his thoughts and responded to the auditor, confident

SignOnSite Release 2

What is Release 2? This June and July we’ve been working on turning more feedback from our customers into improvements in the SignOnSite system. The second release for our improvements this year is live! The Improvements Sites list – archived sites management Customers having been asking to get access to sites that are no longer active, to get desired data (like induction records or check attendance) without having to ask SignOnSite support team for one off requests or having to wait for a site

How Procore customers are using SignOnSite to deliver projects on time and on budget

How Procore customers are using SignOnSite to deliver projects on time and on budget Procore is a proven tool that contractors use to deliver projects better than ever before. With its project management, quality & safety, financial and field productivity features, construction companies and their stakeholders have become significantly more efficient and effective. To get the most out of their investment, a growing set of Procore customers are also implementing SignOnSite. There are 2 main reasons Procore customers also get SignOnSite: To enhance

Maximising productivity with proactive safety

Maximising productivity with proactive safety Construction industry leaders from around the world are focusing on safety to gain a competitive advantage. One of the methods to achieving this advantage is being proactive in implementing safety processes (to reduce the chance of an incident occurring) as opposed to reactive, where safety measures are put into place after an incident. All general contractors, subcontractors and tradespeople have an obligation to ensure that their workplaces comply with Workplace Health and Safety legislation. To some, it

Release 1

What is Release 1? Our customers give us amazing feedback and ideas on how to make SignOnSite better. Next to talking to our customers, our favourite thing to do is to take action. Release 1 is the culmination of that feedback and hard work by our Product and Development team. We’ve made 8 key improvements to SignOnSite to make work easier on work sites, and at the office. The Improvements Kiosk Inductions If you have a site induction form activated on your site, you can now allow