Stay On Top Of Site Personnel

Know who’s on site and when and keep track of visitor management with the Visitor Register. This keeps an up-to-date, real-time record of who is on your site for the day and when they leave, in case of emergency and for project management requirements. Is your site traffic up to standards? You’ll now know with the insight the Visitor Register Provides.

Maintain control over your site attendance.

Know what’s happening and when and be informed of who’s on site in case of an emergency. Running a site with lots of workers and individuals coming and going is hard to keep up with. Reviewing the visitor logbook every day takes time and effort that you don’t have. Not to mention, whether or not the logbook has been filled out.

SignOnSite offers you a clear view of the activity on your site, daily. You can pull the information you need at any given time, as well as have an accurate list of site attendees if ever an evacuation was to take place. The Visitor Register is constantly updated with people coming and going, so you can keep track and take control.

Break down your visitor records by day and make smarter, more informed decisions.

Sign people off from the Visitor Register.

Know who’s on site and who was at any given point.

See which trades and contractors are on site so you’re informed at all times.

A real-time list of those on site, for safety reasons.

Easy to read and access.

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