Inductions On Track

Remove confusion with the SignOnSite Induction Register. Every person that signs on to your construction site will be automatically populated in the Induction Register. All you need to do is tick them off when they’ve completed their site induction.

You’ll never have to pull apart your site induction folders, looking for that one individual again.

When you run a large enough construction site, the lines start to blur and your memory starts to fade with whom you have and haven’t inducted. What SignOnSite offers is simple. It gives you an easy-to-use and accessible way of seeing if a particular worker or visitor has been inducted onto your site. It’s as easy as looking up their name.

Know who and who hasn’t been inducted onto site all from the Site Manager Panel.

Manageable information made available to you.

Add it to your current induction procedure without any drama.

Remain compliant as well as the added benefit of knowing everyone has been correctly inducted on site.

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