Communication with the Daily Briefing

How confident are you with your site communication? Communication on a construction site is an aspect of construction safety that can often fall through the cracks. Good, effective communication is considered to be one of the most important elements of a successful site.

Have an important announcement you need to make?

Communicate everything from site hazards and risks to site barbeques. Everyone has the latest information, which can be viewed in both the app and through the Kiosk at sign on.

The SignOnSite Daily Briefing allows management to directly communicate with site workers and visitors. It’s as simple as typing your daily points into the message box in the Site Manager Panel.

Simply copy and paste your information into the display box in the Site Manager Panel, or, write it directly into the box. It’s up to you.

You can set the Briefing daily, weekly, monthly. Whenever you need to.

All Briefings can be viewed from the app or Kiosk on sign on. Those with the app can view the Briefing whenever they wish to.

Communicate important details, site-wide and look back on past Briefings that you’ve set, if ever you need to.

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