Fully-loaded with all the benefits you need. It's the smartest tool on site.

Remove The Paper

A cloud-based system that’s current and that works with you. It’s accessible anywhere. Anytime.

Stay Compliant

Minimise potential risk with an easy-to-use platform that covers your site registration process accurately.

Easy-To-Manage Software

Specifically built to be simple to use and easy to understand.

Connected Worksite

Have a complete understanding of your visitor management processes through SignOnSite insights.

Automatically Sign On And Off Site

For those with a smartphone, signing on and off just became a whole lot easier. The SignOnSite app, available on iOS and Android, lets the entire construction site sign on and off every day, without having to fill out the attendance book.

Communication with the Daily Briefing

How confident are you with your site communication? Communication on a construction site is an aspect of construction safety that can often fall through the cracks. Good, effective communication is considered to be one of the most important elements of a successful site.

Rich, data-filled reports on a weekly basis

With access to the Site Manager Panel, you’ll be treated to weekly reports full of all the site and visitor information you could need to make smarter and informed decisions from a planning and management perspective.

Stay On Top Of Site Personnel

Know who’s on site and when and keep track of visitor management with the Visitor Register. This keeps an up-to-date, real-time record of who is on your site for the day and when they leave, in case of emergency and for project management requirements. Is your site traffic up to standards? You’ll now know with the insight the Visitor Register Provides.

Evacuations Made From Your Phone

Raise the alarm, all from your smartphone. SignOnSite Offers you the ability to inform everyone on site using the app of an emergency evacuation. This can be completed from both the Site Manager Panel and through the SignOnSite app for those with management access.

Inductions On Track

Remove confusion with the SignOnSite Induction Register. Every person that signs on to your construction site will be automatically populated in the Induction Register. All you need to do is tick them off when they’ve completed their site induction.

Sign On All Workers And Visitors Using The SignOnSite Kiosk

For those without a smartphone, there is the option to set up a SignOnSite Kiosk on your construction site, so everyone has the ability to sign on.